About Us

Pondicherry Spirulina Farms (PyFarms) was established in May 2008 and the company is licensed to commercially grow the health food Spirulina in the Union Territory of Pondicherry, India. We are a south-India based natural food company specialized in the cultivation, manufacturing and marketing of Spirulina.

Our cultivation plant is located in a remote village in Pondicherry on the bank of ‘Bay of Bengal’. Pondicherry is well known for its beaches, Aurobindo ashram, Auroville-city of dawn and other tourism spots. We believe that Pondicherry is not only a strategic location but also a place of natural environment well suited for growing algae.

The quality of Spirulina products is certified by Pondicherry Food Cell department and the laboratory tests are periodically conducted by one of the regional biology laboratories.

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